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Ampled is an artist-owned platform designed for fans to support musicians directly. If you like what we do, please consider supporting us with a $3 monthly donation!

About Anchor
Sam and Reed are DJ-ing using Pioneer CDJs. Reed has headphones on and both of them are looking at the decks and fiddling with some knobs. They are in a dark room, Sam is wearing a T-shirt with a tree on it, Reed is wearing a white T-shirt with cartoon egg designs.

Sam Perricone and Reed Tan began collaborating as Local Dialect in 2017. The two friends had formed a successful DJ career in college, and after finding their corporate careers unrewarding, they embarked on the next unfolding of their musical adventure.

Operating out of their basement studio in Queens, New York, and surrounded by their collection of synths and pedals, the two pride themselves on weaving an emotional journey into each track. Soaring arpeggios and poignant melodies permeate their productions; powerful basslines growl underneath. Backed by a constantly evolving, dancefloor-ready groove, this is music that is sure to move your soul as much as it moves your body.

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